prayer11PRAYER REQUESTS may be made either by calling the office (480-473-8400), completing a prayer request form in the narthex, or emailing

Names are kept on the prayer list for one month and then retained only if you notify the office with an update. Please let us know if you or someone you know in the congregation will be hospitalized. Please call the church office 480-473-8400 with the correct information about the hospital, room number and health issues which may affect the course of pastoral care.

Notify the Living Water Prayer Chain so they can pray with you and for you. God hears and answers!


              • Mary Ann Bartley—Health Concerns
              • Don Benson—Health Concerns
              • Barbara Brooks—Health Concerns
              • Kristy Burke (Friend of Frances DeBruyn)—Health Concerns
              • Charlie (Friend of Daryl & Diane vanMannen)—Recovery
              • Christi (Daughter of Charlie and Sue Boyd)—Health Concerns
              • Larry Coutts—Health Concerns
              • Sue Dixon (Sister of Rick Sherrin)—Health Concerns
              • Michael Donavon—Health Concerns
              • Jenna Fjeld—Health Concerns
              • Joe Franch (Friend of Kathie Roenigk)—Health Concerns
              • Dave and Joy Gallimore—Health Concerns
              • Vicki Grimsley (mother of Mason Rossman)—Cancer
              • Francisco Hernandez (Father of Lourdes Gasparino)—Health Concerns
              • Tyler Hornacek (Grandson of John & Sue Hornacek)—Deployed
              • Norm Jouett (Janis Fjeld’s father)—Health Concerns
              • Penny Kilburn—Hospice Care
              • Michael Koch (Grandson of Ron and Shirley Koch)—Health Concerns
              • Michael (Cousin of Lynda Cales)—Health Concerns
              • Hadlee Miller (Friend of Pastor Shari)—Health Concerns
              • Henry Roenigk—Health Concerns
              • Ruth Schlesinger—Health Concern
              • Sarah Shelmire—Health Concerns
              • Gloria Shutter (Friend of Marilyn Nartker)—Battling Cancer
              • Joan Sprinkle—Health Concerns
              • Lisa Squires (Bob Ulland’s Daughter)—Health Concerns
              • Sumi and Celine (Friends of Diane vanMaanen)—Health Concerns
              • Jim Tonneson—Health Concerns
              • Michael Umland (Son of Steve & Sue Umland)—Health Concerns
              • Darcie Vandermate—Health Concerns
              • Gavin Vaughan (Nephew of Gordon & Marty Lindert)—Health Concerns
              • People of Ukraine
              • Family & Friends of Barbara Gunderson
              • Family & Friends of Katy Lauritsen (Ex-Daughter-in-law of Steve and Susan Johnson)
              • Family & Friends of Lowell Howard (Brother-in-law of Gene and Shirley Perry)