Connections (Weekly)

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“Can I take my bulletin home with me?” A common question heard each Sunday by the ushers standing in the narthex at the end of the service ready to collect and recycle the bulletins.  Well the answer is a resounding “Yes!”  In fact, in order to encourage folks to take home their bulletins and to mark down all the great events occurring in our parish life on calendars, we will be piloting a new bulletin recycling process this summer.  The ushers will no longer be collecting the bulletins at the end of the church service.  Instead, you have a choice:  you can either take your bulletin home with you or you can recycle it as you leave church in the recycle bin that will now be conveniently located near the exit doors.  Inserts that can be reused can also be recycled on the table near the recycle bin as well.  Any of the servant team leaders would love to hear your feedback on the pilot process as we determine whether to continue the practice after the summer.  We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to re-read the bulletin and its contents at your leisure after church or better yet, share it with others.